Saturday, July 23, 2011


Had lunch today with Joseph McDaniel, long time friend and blogger extraordinaire. Boy did I learn a lot!

Joe is one of Arizona's leading bankruptcy attorneys and he blogs like a crazed animal to support his practice and for private projects like the Shotokan karate dojo where he holds a black belt. He has a keen analytical mind and he's applied it to carefully studying blogging and working out techniques and have boosted him to the top of the search engine lists.

Two of Joe's main techniques are targeting and consistency. Joe has several blogs with each one targeted at a different audience. This precise targeting helps him hold readers' interest and keeps them coming back. He assures they'll come back by giving them fresh,meaningful, content at least twice a week.

A lot of work? Yep, but it's paid off for him. He figures he gets about twice the daily visits by potential customers as most bankruptcy attorneys similarly situated. He also finds that people who come in often already know him from his blogs and he already has the beginnings of a positive relationship before they walk in the door.

We spent two hours talking -- mostly Joe talking and me listening. We covered a lot of ground and agreed to do it again soon. Next time I'll take better notes.

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