Saturday, July 16, 2011


"Shift Happens: The New E-Publishing Paradigm And What It Means For Writers" has been published and is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

In the book I outline the earthquake changes to publishing in the wake of the growing popularity of ebooks and ebook readers. Perhaps most significantly for authors, ebooks turn the dynamics of publishing upside down by putting the author in the drivers seat rather than the publishers. Now authors can choose what and when to publish without having to get a publisher's approval.

The result is a new freedom for writers as well as the opportunity to make significant amounts of money from epublishing.

To see how this can work for you, order "Shift Happens"


EyeWryte said...

Just bought

Rick Cook said...

Thanks. I hope it helps you make a ton of money.

George Ellis said...

Your first reviewer at Amazon did you well.

Rick Cook said...

She did indeed. I am very grateful.
(And I'm also soliciting additional reviews. They don't have to be five star, just honest.

George Ellis said...

I passed it on over at the GemologyOnline forum. We have a collection of gemologist, faceters, and writers (of gemology) over there. It is setup for download to my Kindle. :)

Rick Cook said...

Thanks George.

Lapidaries and gemologists are an excellent example of the kind of audience that can be helped by "Shift Happens".

There is an enormous amount of knowledge in the community to be shared with other members. Ebooks provide a way to get it out cheaply and fairly easily.

This is especially important with lapidaries and faceters because so many of them are older and not going to be with us forever. If you attend a rock club meeting you'll usually find almost everyone is over 50 and some of the really skilled members are up in their 80s and 90s.

ebooks are a way to save that knowledge and pass it on to others.

EyeWryte said...

My review will go up Monday, most likely. Busy weekend out of town. Nice little book, tho

George Ellis said...

Rick, you were spot on with the discussion of the interaction with the fans. I feel that that is what help build Piers Anthony such a loyal following. I may have actually read his author notes in the back before I started one or two of his books. That would be years back in the early part of the Xanth series. It does make it personal.