Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving Off Dead Center

Since they changed my drugs again, I'm feeling better and I'm able to be more active.
This is a Good Thing.

The most interesting news I've got to share is that I'm getting ready to publish an e book on Kindle. Titled "Shift Happens", it's about the changes in the publishing industry and how they benefit the writers who are willing to take advantage of them. Short form: self-publishing by e book is no longer necessarily a marginal enterprise.

The other thing is a sequel to "Obsidian Harvest", my "dinosaur Aztec detective story noir". Earnest Hogan and I have been working on this off and on (mostly off) over the last couple of years and I think the thing is near enough done to warrant a death march to finish it this week.

The good news about my health is that I'm not in any pain. The bad news is that the clogged arteries severely reduce what I can do. The other problem is that my balance is shot and unless I'm very careful I tend to fall over when doing anything even moderately strenuous. But I can cope with that by being careful and limiting what I try to do.

Meanwhile the weather in Phoenix has turned full-bore ugly. Which is to say that it's been over 110 for most of the last week and Fourth of July looks like it will be nosing 118. I can pretty well stand anything up to 110, but over that, I don't care how dry the heat is, it's HOT!

However as a friend of mine who moved here from Boston liked to observe: No matter how hot it gets, you never have to shovel heat.

Nor do we have a season called "mud".

More as I know more.


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George Ellis said...

Oh Yeah. I am starting to use a kindle more and more. This is great.