Saturday, January 31, 2009

WarBots game

Someone asked if the game Warbots, which is referenced in "The Wizardry Cursed" actually exists.

The answer is "yes and no".

There's no such game as Warbots, but the fictional game is patterned closely on RoboTech, the popular tabletop and computer wargame that a wide variety of robots to fight battles hundredss of years in the future.


Next Section Up

After way too long, I'm back to posting the bits of Wiz 6. I hope to post one section a week until I have it all up.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that from here on out you're going to have to work to follow what's going on. What I've been posting so far is the section I completed and sent to Baen as an advance sample. It's all pretty complete, modulo some copy editing and editor's input. What follows is a series of scenes and fragments strung together more or less by subplot. The first part, for example, are the scenes of the children in captivity and the dragon who is guarding them.

All of this stuff is in more-or-less chronologial order within the subplot, but it was meant to be intercut with other plot lines in the finished novel.

As usual, blank lines indicate breaks, either between scenes or bits I hadn't written when I went into the hospital.

Anyway, enjoy