Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next Section Up

After way too long, I'm back to posting the bits of Wiz 6. I hope to post one section a week until I have it all up.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that from here on out you're going to have to work to follow what's going on. What I've been posting so far is the section I completed and sent to Baen as an advance sample. It's all pretty complete, modulo some copy editing and editor's input. What follows is a series of scenes and fragments strung together more or less by subplot. The first part, for example, are the scenes of the children in captivity and the dragon who is guarding them.

All of this stuff is in more-or-less chronologial order within the subplot, but it was meant to be intercut with other plot lines in the finished novel.

As usual, blank lines indicate breaks, either between scenes or bits I hadn't written when I went into the hospital.

Anyway, enjoy



Luis Felipe Abad Guzmán said...

Hey, it's great to have you back online, not just for the book, but also for the Notebook's posts. What was the outcome of the HDD problem you had? What solution fit best? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.
By the way, Happy New Year!

Matthew said...

First off I would like to say you have enthralled me with your Wizardry series, which I recently discovered covered in dust and very well used in a corner of my local Salvation Army. My only regret about reading your books is that (like every good series) it has to come to an end. On that note, I cannot finish the sixth book because the link to the 5th chapter is broken. I was hoping you could fix this, when you have time or could email it to me. I'm glad to hear that you are fine after your surgery, and I belive your apology was a little too apologetic. If a person cannot be excused from finishing a book because of heart surgery, where does it stop? Thank you very much for the hours and hours of entertainment. (Although I almost didn't read the whole series when I started it because I was so mad at Moira for being angry at Wiz over the death of Patrius, even though Wiz was brought there against his will.)

sourcejedi said...


I found a dead link on the site. I assume it wasn't a deliberate puzzle :-P.

It's the link to Chapter 5 from the home page. It just goes to "/". It should be "".


Błotosmętek said...

Rick, I have long wanted to tell you how immensely I liked your Wiz Zumwalt books. Being myself a sysadmin and married to a programmer, I really appreciate your understanding of the profession.

I am also going to ask you a question that has bugged me for some time - there is this witticism: attributed to "Rich Cook". Is that you or some completely unrelated Richard Cook?

Błotosmętek said...

Ah, disregard the second part of my previous comment (the first part is still valid, of course). A bit of googling proved that indeed, Rich Cook == Rick Cook.

andy said...

Hi, I just finished reading what I could find of the wizardly capitalized and I loved what I read. I really wish I knew what will happen to the kids and the guardian dragon, and if and how they will be saved.
I'm so curious also about how the thief connected his closet to Wiz's world how Wiz will get back the dragons eggs, what will happen to the magic compiler deal, and why the kidnapped kids were more than counted.
I really want to read the end of the novel. I wish you will soon have your gift for fiction back and be able to finish it.
Thank you for what you've given us so far.