Saturday, September 6, 2008

Feedback on Wiz 6

I'm beginning to get feedback on Wiz 6 and I'm going to modify some things in light of it.

First, of course, the postings, from the choice of web sites to the way things are arranged is at best crude. My initial efforts having fallen through, I wanted to get something up that would be fast and foolproof.

However I am going to try to make it better by providing links from chapter to chapter. That will be in the next week -- I hope.

Second, some of you have complained that the chapters are very short. And they are. The manuscript was divided to highlight the key scenes with the idea they would all appear at once. Posting a chapter at a time on the web divides the book into snippets that are just too small. So from now on I'm going to post larger sections -- probably several chapters at once.

The first batch will go up this weekend.

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